Micke Grove Zoo: A Fun and Informative Experience in Stockton, CA

If you're searching for an activity suitable for all ages in Stockton, California, Micke Grove Zoo is an excellent choice. Nestled in Micke Grove Regional Park, this zoo provides a fantastic chance to expand your knowledge about diverse animal species and even engage with them.

A Brief History of Micke Grove Zoo

Since 1957, Micke Grove Zoo has welcomed visitors to Stockton and become a cherished establishment. Situated within the 5-acre Micke Grove Regional Park, the zoo houses more than 130 animal species. It has consistently served as a community-oriented asset, offering educational and recreational opportunities for families and individuals alike.

A Diverse Collection of Animals

Micke Grove Zoo boasts an extensive variety of creatures, ranging from impressive felines to captivating cold-blooded creatures. A prominent exhibit at the zoo is the Malayan tiger habitat, which houses a highly endangered species. Micke Grove Zoo takes great pride in contributing to the conservation of these tigers. Guests can also observe the lively behavior of primates such as lemurs and spider monkeys, and experience an intimate encounter with birds of prey like owls and eagles.

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Education and Conservation

Micke Grove Zoo serves as more than just an animal viewing location. It functions as an educational and conservation resource. The facility provides a variety of educational initiatives for individuals of all ages. The initiatives aim to educate visitors on the significance of conservation and ways in which they can aid in wildlife preservation. An exceptional feature of these initiatives is the chance to closely interact with select animals.

Micke Grove Zoo has a strong dedication to preserving species in danger of extinction. The zoo takes part in a range of initiatives that work towards the protection of such species, including the Malayan tigers mentioned earlier. Visitors who lend their support to Micke Grove Zoo are aiding in these conservation efforts and contributing positively to the world.

Plan Your Visit

You can visit Micke Grove Zoo any day of the week between 10 in the morning and 5 in the evening. The cost of admission for adults is $5, while children aged 3 to 17 can enter for $3. If your child is younger than 3 years old, they can come in for free. Additionally, the zoo provides memberships for individuals who wish to contribute to the zoo and come more often.

Micke Grove Zoo offers a wide range of conveniences to its visitors. They can relish a pleasant picnic meal surrounded by nature, and there are multiple refreshment options for snacks and beverages. Additionally, the zoo has a boutique that presents keepsakes for tourists to commemorate their experience.


If you're in the vicinity of Stockton, CA, you simply can't pass up the opportunity to visit Micke Grove Zoo. This exceptional establishment boasts an impressive array of creatures, a strong dedication to educating the public and protecting wildlife, and very reasonable ticket prices. Families and solo visitors alike will find it to be a valuable and enjoyable destination. Don't miss the chance to check out Micke Grove Zoo and take part in a memorable and enlightening experience.

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